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Future Of The Left - "The Limits of Battleships" | Track Review

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Future of the Left are back just in time for election season here in the states. A magical time when the country reaches peak cynicism and snark levels. The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left graces us with its presence on April 8, but they've been kind enough to release the first song (not single) this week, track six from the record called "The Limits of Battleships". Are these limits metaphorical? Actual? Are these battleships even real?! Who knows? What we do know is the song is another tight and concise bit of Future of the Left groove. This song jams.

The pace and feel of Jack Egglestone’s drums at the start followed by the distorted syncopated bass of Julia Ruzicka work together to make you want to put on your finest duds and stroll out of the house with a “how bad ass am I?” grin on your face. Only this is exactly what they want you to think so they can then take the piss out of you. Lines like "two drinks for the limits of cool" and "have you ever known anyone who could wear a hat indoors..." are classic Falco and put the listener on notice that you might have a high opinion of yourself, but everyone else might think you a bit of a twit.

The song chugs along for its three and a half minute run time while further lines about criminal organizations requiring paperwork and paranoia over posters add to the fun. It’s another great song from a consistently great band. Are you worthy of receiving drinks or will you join the enemy combatants in receiving none? Give the song a listen below and find out.