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Doubles - "Plant" | Single Review

by Niccolo Dante Porcello (@chromechompsky)

“Plant” the first released song from Philadelphia’s Doubles, takes cues from their prior project, while simultaneously moving beyond their crystalline upstate past to something of a darker, dirtier sound. That prior band, O-FACE, specialized in Algernon Cadwallader-esque emo-tinged sparkle that was referential but not obnoxiously so; songs like “Homegrown,” “O-Thang,” and “Yolanda” featured dynamic swoops, catchy lyricism, and the musical chops to support odd-ball time signatures with sensational ease.

“Plant” sees Doubles, now a quartet, trade in some of the tonal clarity of their former band for a rougher edge. Preston Ossman and Seth Sobottka harmonize on the opening paean: “the worlds a plant, let it grow/ if you’re unwell, let me know/ enchant the axe, on a roll/ no sycophant, heart of gold,” that registers as a triumphant call, and Clay Kaledin’s drums are the perfect combination of foundational and splashy as Ossman and Sobottka layer their guitars over shouts of “I gotta go!,” a few moments later. It is a catchy and promising song that functions as an excellent appetizer for what promises to be an engrossing debut album.
“Plant” is out now, via Father Daughter Records