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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (November 2nd - November 6th)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

PALM | "Trading Basics" LP

"The Philadelphia-via-Upstate New York quartet Palm’s approach to wiry genre-hopping art rock emphasizes density. Guitar lines creep like vines, winding around the heaving tree trunks of drummer Hugo Stanley and bassist Gerasimos Livitsanos thunderous rhythm section. Parts intersect, intertwine and coalesce into brilliant patterns of biodiversity, the sort of disorienting thicket that’s easy to get lost in." - Colin Joyce, SPIN

COLD SWEATS | "Social Coma" LP

"Cold Sweats play frayed-nerves hardcore with a noisy pigfuck streak. Formed just this past summer, the band’s abrasive blend of riffs, rants, and breakdowns already sounds monstrously refined on Social Coma" - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

WALL | "Cuban Cigars"

"The quartet have only performed at a handful of shows but if this debut single is anything to go by, their sets are packed with louche post-punk, all starkly angled guitar lines and minimalist beats with vocals that bark and march and pull you up by your boot straps" - Kim Taylor Bennett, Noisey

USA NAILS | "No Pleasure" LP
[Loud and Quiet]

"USA Nails – a heavy new group make from the embers of Oceansize, Hawk Eyes, Kong, Future of the Left, Silent Front and Dead Arms. Of the record, the group say: “We had a lot of fun making this record and we’re mighty proud of it. We have just come back from a 10 date European tour across the UK, France, Belgium and Germany where we played the whole thing in it’s entirety every night. Hardly anyone walked out or threw bottles at us, so it’s probably not totally crap.”


"Raleigh, NC freak punks Whatever Brains have decided to call it a day. Next month, they’ll release their posthumous, untitled fourth album, a recording promising to be “less hopeful than previous Whatever Brains efforts.” Decidedly strange, rhythmic and obtuse, the Brains have made sure that no grave will go un-pissed on, taking on everything from “police, governments, racist police, racist governments, religion, racist religion” and whatever is left in-between." - Zach Kelly, Noisey

BEDROOM EYES | "Lorraine"
[Allston Pudding]

"Bedroom Eyes beautifully toss themselves between shoegaze and punk creating an air of noise, whirrs and crashes you’d expect from Boston-area veterans in the scene." - Christine Varriale, Allston Pudding

[Brooklyn Vegan]

"Brooklyn's Bethlehem Steel play around the local DIY scene a lot and they've got a sound that a lot of bands in that scene do: crunchy, catchy indie rock. What sets them apart though is Becca's voice, which pierces through the mix and also has a folky quality to it. Sometimes they sound like Angel Olsen fronting Weezer. The band's new EP Docking, recorded with Nick Corbo of LVL UP and Crying at Shea Stadium and David Blaine's The Steakhouse, comes out this Friday via Miscreant Records" - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

NIGHT BEATS | "Sunday Mourning"

"Seattle three-piece Night Beats step out of a dusky crime thriller soundtrack. Their rough-edged, night-cruising take on trusty rock ’n roll has the hallmarks of a violent, all-thrills montage, and there’s no messing around when it comes to new song ‘Sunday Mourning’." - Jamie Milton, DIY

FRODUS | "There Will Be No More Scum (Demo)"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"Weapons was their fifth and final album, and though it was set to be released in 1999 on MIA Records, that label went under and the band broke up before it could come out. Eventually Fueled By Ramen put it out in 2001, and despite Frodus no longer existing as a band, the album had a lasting impact that helped inspire the 2000s wave of post-hardcore that was just starting to near the mainstream at the time." - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

TOTAL ABUSE | "DNA Evidence"

"...weirdness soon took hold, crawling into the dank headspace between the Swedish noise-rock band Brainbombs and Black Flag's most deranged output. After a short breakup, the band returned without missing a step, releasing the depraved Looking For Love EP in 2014. Total Abuse's fourth album, Excluded, is a mud-slop synthesis of the sludgy noise, lunging rhythm section and oddly catchy hooks that came before it." - Lars Gotrich, NPR

SLOWDIVE | "Avalyn (Live)"

"25 years ago today, Slowdive released their self-titled debut EP on Creation. To mark the occasion, they've shared a live version of "Avalyn", recorded in 2014 during their North American tour. In a detailed post on the record's writing and recording process, they also hinted that a live album from the tour was in the works." - Jazz Monroe, Pitchfork

THE BRAINSTEMS | "Simple Joys"

"The Brainstems originally formed as a Ty Segall and the Coachwhips cover band, and these inspirations are still clear in their feedback-filled garage rock. Their vocalist shares a singing pattern with Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage, too, which lends the St. Louis band a sense of detached cool." - Grace Birnstengel, Stereogum

WIMPS | "Suitcase" LP

"The Seattle trio, comprised of scene veterans Rachel Ratner, Matt Nyce, and Dave Ramm, make self-aware slacker rock that flirts with 21st century nihilism, laziness, ennui, and all the necessary components of cynicism that allow any normal person to function on a daily basis." - Matt Grosinger, Nerdist

KINDLING | "Galaxies" EP
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"As the early singles hinted, it's shoegaze with grit, not just haze." - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

PILL | "Hot Glue"

"Fronted by vocalist Veronica Torres' uninhibited force of paranoia, PILL makes spazzy, sax-sputtering post-punk that invokes the gritty noise that came out of early '80s NYC. How you feel about the video for PILL's dreamy and unnerving "Hot Glue" depends on how you feel about pointy press-on nails, phallic produce and pills." - Lars Gotrich, NPR


"Fit Me In is pop music the way Frankie Cosmos' earlier work was rock music: in a niche sense only. It carries the casual air of its predecessors, invitingly simple and intimate, still warm despite the software that's been subbed in for guitars." - Sasha Geffen, Vulture

PARLOR WALLS | "Birthday"

"While they refer to themselves as dissonant no-wave or (a personal favorite of mine) trash jazz, “Birthday” begins in total conflict to those descriptors. Beautifully lifted from the floor, a slow drum beat and keys bring immediate recognizability to their avant art. Maybe it’s Lamb’s university training in composition, but no use of off-time snare hits and saxophone skronk could sway “Birthday” from the beauty in its craft." - Derek Evers, Impose