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Snakehole - "Roaches" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There's nothing graceful or elegant about the name Snakehole or the music they make, and it's safe to say the deranged noise punk duo of Autumn Casey (guitar/vocals) and KC Toimil (drums/vocals) wouldn't have it any other way. The Miami based band formed in 2011 as "an outlet for female rage" and five years later their fury remains as determined as ever, evident on the band's latest self-titled EP (their second in as many years) and first for the always dependable Wharf Cat Records. There's an ever present filth on Snakehole, a crushing and unwieldy sprawl of blistering feedback, dense riffs, and immersive vocal melodies that range between depraved, sinister and all out blood curdling. The chaos subsides only for bookended piano overtures and occasional swarms of atmospheric doom, but Snakehole never leave their vexation for long. Reminiscent of noise rock brutalists Made Out Of Babies and sludge punk pioneers Flipper, Snakehole exorcise their demons through an unrelenting onslaught of sludge, spastic hardcore, and reckless punk influenced noise rock delivered loose and heavy in all their raw and unapologetic glory.

We're excited to share the exclusive premiere of the band's new music video "Roaches," one of the stand-out tracks from their recently released EP. Creeping forward with molasses paced hardcore doom, the songs ebbs and flows from outburst to outburst without losing focus or agitation regardless of tempo shifts. In the video the band spend a day as roaches, simply doing what roaches do... milling about town, hanging in tall grass, buying beer... and finding joy in the neighbor's trash (in this case an umbrella that's down but not quite out). Just another day in the life. Check out the video below and the band's upcoming festival appearances.

Upcoming Shows:

12/04 | Look Alive Fest | Miami, FL @ Churchill's Pub w/ Wolf Eyes, Silver Apples, Eartheater & more
12/11 - 12/12 | 305 Fest | Miami, FL @ Churchill's Pub w/ Wrong, Gouge Away, Night Witch & more

Snakehole's self-titled EP is out now via Wharf Cat Records.