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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (November 9th - November 13th)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

STOVE | "Is Stupider" LP
[AV Club]

"songs still bask in reverb-caked riffs, but there’s a subtlety present" - David Anthony, AV Club

EUGENE QUELL | "London Pollen"

"the muddled scale that repeats throughout isn’t too far off from some of the short, ascendant interludes heard on the Velvet Underground’s self-titled full-length. “London Pollen” sounds like melancholic, fogged-in Sundays spent alone." - Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum

JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD | "Global Chakra Rhythms" LP

"The new LP sounds a whole lot less like Weezer and a whole lot more like muddy homespun psych-rock" - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

SWINGS | "Sugarwater" LP
[The Fader]

"Despite being recorded in a tiny town, Sugarwater is anything but small. There are synths, auto-tuned vocals, and jazz-influenced structures. It's slow and winding. It's sweet, but also a little bitter. This is an album for transitioning from the chill of the year's end to the vague promise of fresh beginnings in a new year." - Leah Mandel, The Fader

TOTAL ABUSE | "Excluded" LP

"Excluded is a record that sounds like the feeling of being not cool enough for punk. Gritty breakdowns and power chords two-step together to gnarled vocals. The excitement in the music can often lead to disassociated pain, the fun beginning of "Watching The Paint Dry" leads into a stretched guitar section that wanders around and feels like you're coming down." - John Hill, Noisey

PROTOMARTYR | "Why Does It Shake? (Live)"

"On Saturday, August 29, Pitchfork presented a pop-up show at Villain. It featured a set from Protomartyr, and today, have shared three songs from their performance."

GUNK & MARGE | "Garge Munk" EP
[The Deli Magazine]

"Marge and Gunk have issued a collective release, which you can stream below. Appropriately titled garge munk, the 11-minute run of music bookends a pair of gritty yet calm Marge tracks, while Gunk takes a fuzzy bass/percussions rolling approach, balancing the heady vibes with a jarring bite. These sonic puzzle pieces fit together noisey crunchiness with a smooth finish."


"'Pure Mood' is a complex thrill-ride that's seeped in fervent shoegaze and lingering lyricism, proving Ringo Deathstarr are the torch-bearers of the movement and continue to contort and mutate into something beautiful."

BELIEFS | "Leaper" LP

"Leaper, ebbs and flows with varying levels of fuzzy guitars and driving rhythms. Song titles like "Ghosts," "Morning Light" and "Swooner" might give a hint to the diaphanous sheets of sonic gauze that adorn their tunes but which never fully obscure the catchy melodies therein. And the perfect blend of their male/female vocals keep things modern." - Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW

MENACE BEACH | "Holidays Are Heavy"

"a psyched-out sludge-bomb, dousing its Christmassy sentiments in feedback and gut-wrenching bass. There’s the odd moment of uplift from a far-more-Halloweeny-than-anything synth line, meandering away in the background, but other than that it’s sludgy, psychy pop" - Tom Connick, DIY

THE COATHANGERS | "Watch Your Back"

"The Coathangers seem to have refined their brash and bratty punk songs into something more sophisticated, yet just as sharp." - Bryn Lovitt, Noisey

VERY FRESH | "Pale Lips"
[Northern Transmissions]

"e slow-burning contemplative romanticism of “Pale Lips” which just premiered today courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan. Fans of Helium, Speedy Ortiz, Courtney Barnett, and Palehound should take note."

CONRAD KEELY | "In Words of a Not So Famous Man"

"...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead's Conrad Keely has announced his debut solo album called Original Machines, which will come out January 22 via Superball Music. Listen to the first track, "In Words Of A Not So Famous Man"


"We have absolutely no idea of the intricacies of Ninja, but vocalist Becca told us it’s “a game of stride and brotherhood. As is this video. We love you all.” The track is a cutting, fuzzy, passionate offering, recalling the likes of Swearin’." - Will Richards, DIY

POLYON | "Blue" EP

"Don’t expect the tsunami of shoegazy, ’90s-peering bands to end anytime soon... Luckily, this Washington, DC, entry into that wave has some solid hooks, a firm grasp on the sheer volume wash of it all, add a drummer who won’t let the others fumble into head held down pose." - Eric Davidson, CMJ

SOUPCANS | "Siamese Brutality"

"After a slow, creeping intro, the song kicks into a driving punk anthem that'll have you stomping around and punching holes in the wall. It's a hard-hitting, noisy and messy punk track — just what we've come to expect from this band." - Josiah Hughes, Exclaim

PONY TIME | "I Like Your Shoes"
[Tom Tom Magazine]

"Pony Time’s newest video “I Like Your Shoes.” Pony Time is made-up of Luke Beetham and Stacy Peck. The song is off the Seattle duo’s latest release Rumors 2: The Rumors Are True."


"On debut EP Cut—released through Famous Swords—the listener can really sink in and savor the expert construction and moody dissonance of its five songs." - Maria Schurr, PopMatters

VAL HOLLIE | "Val Hollie" EP

"Unlike much garage psych of recent years, Val Hollie’s self-titled EP glistens with clarity and a tranquil, night-time charm. Campanelli’s quavery guitar and vocal melodies bring to mind surfy ’60s pop, while starry-eyed synths punctuate his songs with softness." - Charles Innis, Stereogum

LYSOL | "Demo"

"Lysol’s demo—which preceded another tape release, On the Corner, available via Perennial though apparently not streamable online—is a proper composite of the player’s earlier outings, coupling the mid-tempo swagger and bombast of regional peers like Vexx with serrated vocals." - Sam Lefebvre, Impose

DAVE SEGEDY | "Southern Wonders"

"Segedy keeps the guitars scuzzy, crunchy, poppy, and powerful. The amp blasted electric chord utterances remain in the key of alternative, as Dave maintains harmonies instrumentally and vocally that builds brilliantly off the 90s power pop obsessions and more." - Sjimon Gompers, Impose

SODIUM BEAST | "Creep Sale"
[Gimme Tinnitus]

"Nick [of Mayor Creep] is playing with current and former members of Shark? in Sodium Beast. This is Creep Sale!"

FOLLIES | "Jeez Louise" EP

"Jeez Louise is a harmonically dense EP, with exceptional richness for what is essentially a bedroom record, and it’s Hartunian’s production style that makes Follies begin to stand out as a band with a unique, identifiable sound. There’s a discernible palate on Jeez Louise—tape saturation, just-short-of-cheesy reverb, washed out cymbals, whip-craked snares, guitar fuzz that fills the entire frequency spectrum." - Tristan Rodman, Portals

LE RUG | "1779"

"1779 deals in something far more muscular, a near four-minute brazen display of chugging guitars and Ray Weiss’ drunken-waltz of a lead vocal, the kind of guttural catapult that throws in you straight in to the blinding light whether you cared for it or not. Like feeling wildly wasted in the frenetic rush of the day, it’s an energetic and wholly impulsive moment of escape" - Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint