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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review (October 19th - October 23rd)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

EX-BREATHERS | "Past Tense" LP

"It’s as crushing and confusing as you might expect, but there’s a vibrancy and intelligence — a serpentine approach to the lead-footed drive that separates it from the hardcore scene that spawned it." - Rachel Brodsky, SPIN

SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE | "You Are Arrived (But You've Been Cheated)"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"they've made a video (produced by Federico Casanova) for the title track off this year's You Are Arrived (But You've Been Cheated) EP, which premieres in this post. It's a hazy avant-pop song" - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

SWINGS | "Dust"

"Their songs make space for you to sit and stew and contemplate the turbulence in your brain without needing to make sense of it, which can mainly be attributed to Jamie Finucane’s delivery. He slurs through a spectrum of emotion, never choosing one to depend too heavily on. “Sea” and “Tiles” benefitted from that abstraction, but “Dust” doesn’t have the same nebulous quality. To me, it’s a straight-up love song, or maybe a love-lost song." - Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum 

WITCH COAST | "Burnt Out By 3PM" LP

"What’s really amazing about this record is the way that certain songs could have ended up sounding complelelty diffrent. It’s in this that the bands decision to produce the record the way that they did becomes meaningful. The visibly gritty production style gives the record a dark and brooding sense." - Raz Robinson, IMPOSE


"A Place To Bury Strangers have shared a chills-inducing video for "Supermaster", a track off of Transfixiation. The video - not for the faint of heart (or those with a fear of snakes) - was directed by Matthew Portman who explained the premise saying, "The Reptilian brain, also known as the R-complex, refers to our primitive, instinctive brain function that is shared by all reptiles and mammals, including humans. It is the most powerful and oldest of our collective brain functions. The Reptilian brain is also responsible for some of the most destructive impulses we as humans possses like violence, dominence and territoriality." 


"True to their name, Austin trio Spray Paint make a version of off-kilter noise punk that seems like it’s aided by aerosol dispersal. Guitar parts flow with the pent up energy of compressed air, expanding outward across jittery drum parts and eye-bugging vocal takes, leaving vapors both disorienting and toxic in even moderate doses." - Colin Joyce, SPIN

WINDHAND | "Two Urns"
[Bloody Disgusting]

"Windhand share a new evil video just in time for Halloween. The story goes: It's Halloween, 1987. Four best friends are out trick-or-treating on their BMXs. Four older bullies in a muscle car have an appetite for something more sinister than candy."

EARRING | "Black Chalk"

"Earring play a narcotized variation of rock by slowing down to a crawl and submerging their pop-hooks in reverberated muck ... Latest single “Black Chalk” steps deeper into the soporific haze that characterized their debut by lurching back and forth between chords in sludgy guitar fuzz." - Charles Innis, Stereogum

VAL HOLLIE | "Siberian Summer"
[The Line of Best Fit]

"The song delights in its own dazed revelry as it harkens back to post-punk sounds of the 1980s. Campanelli’s pleasingly groggy vocals loll though the mix before surrendering entirely to the noisy soundscape: easy-going guitar fuzz sprawled over a bed of roaring distortion." - Laura Rancani, The Line of Best Fit

FLORIST | "Cool and Refreshing"

"The music that Emily Sprague makes as Florist sneaks up on you. Delicately plucked acoustic guitars and pools of stolid synthwork collide with Sprague’s weary whispers, it’s always beautifully unassuming stuff" - Colin Joyce, SPIN


"A diffuse layer of strings and percussive textures fill the space of “Only You,” while Katie Lau’s whispery voice coasts along with the gentle strums of a guitar. The sensitive, full-bodied nature of the track provides a sense of solitary warmth, something you can listen to and bask in while sprawled on your bed during overcast days." - Charles Innis, Stereogum

ANEURYSM | "Handbook for the Recently Diseased"
[New Noise Magazine]

"Drawing their influences from late 70s L.A. punk, 80s hardcore, and 90s grunge, Aneurysm offers up a filthy cluster of songs that combine the dark and dreary with heart breaking pop and dirty-ass rock and roll." - Shrum, New Noise Magazine

KINDLING | "Painkiller"

"Kindling, a fuzzy shoegaze band from Massachusetts, has artfully mastered the art of delicate-yet-hard-hitting noise. From the moment you press play on their latest single, "Painkiller," you’ll find your ears awash in sound. " - Annalise Domenighini, Noisey

PUJOL | "Designer Feelings"
[Consequence of Sound]

"The track is one of PUJOL’s hardest hitting songs to date, mixing together ’70s psychedelic aesthetic with blistering guitar lines. His vocals hop along the rapid rhythms, amping up the energy even further." - Dusty Henry, Consequence of Sound


"Cole Kinsler is a bit of an outsider. On the opening track of his latest full-length release under his moniker Space Mountain, he mumbles “I’m the last guy on Earth and I’m throwing a party / For my birthday, no one cares.”  Most tellingly, he doesn’t sound at all upset about that scenario, but this attitude makes sense in the context of the lo-fi, DIY project." - Raquel Dalarossa, THRDCOAST

THE MANTLES | "Doorframe"

"The song feels like the spiritual core of All Odds End: lightly bemused and quietly melancholic, confident in the essential and enduring thrills of glistening harmony and understated swagger." - Sam Lefebvre, IMPOSE

SHMU | "Warrior"

"the erratic and free form nature of “Warrior” shows an entirely new side to the project. With break-neck tempo shifts and spastic electronics, the song’s musical structure gets jostled around like a windswept feather in a tornado." - Charles Innis, Stereogum

PARLOR WALLS | "Bloodsport"
[No Smoking Media]

"In the trio’s own words, their songs “navigate through tense, distorted worlds with a driven voice, inflected with colorful brass howls and deep washes of color. We like to call it trash jazz or dissonant no-wave.” - Jonathan Ben-Menachem, No Smoking Media

SAVAGES | "The Answer"

“We've observed our audience all around the world and noticed that something is happening. People want to be pushed to do good, or to be good, or just to feel good. We wanted a very intense video, that felt like banging your head against the wall, focusing on our audience: a portrait of our crowd, an homage to music lovers and the good people who are coming to gigs and shouting their lungs out, or just smiling at the back. We were touched by them every night, and wanted to get their message out there: loud guitar music is still alive and still connects people.” -Savages

SPLIT FEET | "Selective Mommery"

"The boss-as-all-hell song is “Selective Mommery,” and the video, a kaleidoscope of whirring and spinning toys and gadgetry and flashing lights (let me add a quick seizure warning), is directed by Katie Kapuza." - Zachary Lipez, Noisey

MY DISCO | "Severe" LP
[The Quietus]

"I doubt there will be a more effective, more moving, more genuinely, chillingly psychedelic record released this year."  - Mat Colegate, The Quietus

JULIAN BAKER | "Sprained Ankle" LP

"Turns out the audience for her grappling with mortality, addiction, and loss of faith was a bit bigger than she imagined — and for good reason: Sprained Ankle will break your heart at least once, you know, if you are prone to such reactions." - Jesse David Fox, Vulture