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Moth Vegas - "Monkey Bowling" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Colin Vallee (@colinjbeard)

Imagine the singer from Interpol (I will not google his name) doing his best The Bats impression while John Maus takes all of his synths and rolls them around in a bounce house as Ween watches from the sidelines. I think thats how I can best describe my first impression of "Monkey Bowling," the lead single off the forthcoming Moth Vegas release Spezi.

“Monkey Bowling” is a dense and fun song packed with tons of sounds that mesh to create a charmingly catchy tune. Lyrically, the song is a collection of distended and surreal moments,"The dust goes over / Just come over / Monkey bowling” and "Open and Spill / Into the hidden Valleys / Down Below / Monkeys in bowling alleys."

The only thing I could find when I looked up "Monkey Bowling" was the mini game featured in one of the Super Monkey Ball games, so maybe the singer is just looking for someone to game with? Personally I find this to be a sentiment we can all relate to. While “Monkey Bowling” doesn’t feel initially easy to follow, there's enough pop sensibility here to leave you humming, and just enough lyrically to make you want to piece together the story being told. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Spezi will out on Super Wimpy Punch records on October 25th.