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Program - "Memory" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Melbourne’s Program are set to release their debut Show Me on October 18th via Anti Fade Records (EXEK, Parsnip, CIVIC), an album that has been several years coming for a pair of musicians that have been grinding away since their earliest days. Recorded and mixed by Anti Fade’s own Billy Gardner, they find a sweet spot between 90’s “college rock” and motorik post-punk, peppered with big anthemic chord progressions and hypnotic beats. The band recently shared first single “Motorbike” and they’re back with the delightful “Memory.”

Paired with a simplistic video that captures some great head bobbing and casual dancing’s finest moves, “Memory” rides a bright but rusty guitar harmony with a propulsive rhythm that never strays from it’s locked in groove. There’s much deadpan in the song and video, a refreshing bit of power-pop soaked punk that feels jangly but immersive. Program are playing it both rigid and loose, creating a natural feel and a true sense of enjoyment seen in lines like “they pissed on the flames, to put out the fire, it’s complicated like that

Speaking about the track, Program’s Rory Heane shared, "This song turned out to have way more of an 80s sound than intended. I guess that’s what chorus does hey. The lyrics say the word memory a lot incase you forget."