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Mayer & Mayer - "Golden Brown" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Mayer & Mayer is the new brother and sister duo of Atlanta’s Mick Mayer (of Red Sea) and Elle Mayer. While Elle contributor guest vocals to the last Red Sea record, the pair have decided to start their own project with their debut album set to arrive sometime in November, a record dedicated to their families Golden Retriever, Tulsi. The duo strike a certain soft pop charm on lead single “Golden Brown, capturing a sibling chemistry with gentle harmonies and emotional ease.

“Golden Brown” is built on Elle’s vocals and her swooning cello paired with Mick’s guitar, bass, and of of course the chimes of the oven timer for thematic perfection. A song that’s both about baking and love, the clever lyrics start with someone in need of some milk and eggs (remember when people borrowed things from their neighbors…) followed by the line “send a tray when they come out because it’s my heart you bake when you’re around.” It’s an unadulterated pop sing, but it opts for it’s own path with the cello’s arching melody and the ever so slight auto-tune that has everything snap perfectly together.