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Fond - "Smothered" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Not everything is front and center and not everything needs to be. It’s important to never confuse popularity with quality, two aspects that often have nothing to do with one another. Toronto’s Fond tend to remain in the shadows, a mysterious band, that may not on the cusp of becoming a household name, but sure do know how to write a great song. They are the type of band that helps you to realize there are pockets of musicians and communities making inspiring music everywhere, despite what is constantly being dangled in front of our faces. Following last year’s self-titled album, the trio return with Vern, a new EP due out October 24th via Art of the Uncarved Block (PAX, Tang, Low Sun).

“Smothered,” the record’s first single, is a bit more refined than the band’s debut, a softer approach, but just as dynamic. The band shuffle through a murky soundscape into easy pop melodies like a still breeze, everything peaceful and in its rightful place. There’s nearly a hypnotic quality to their latest single, but Fond are dynamic, breaking you out of their hopeful din as quickly as they lock you into it. With delicate vocal harmonies and guitars touched by distortion, the band show a sense of restraint, never bursting into the noise as they favor the dreamier realms of their sound.