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Woongi - "Antiques" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Some music videos play all their cards right away, giving you all you’re going to get within the first thirty seconds of run time. Other videos throw you for a loop with hard shifts and chaotic film work. Then there’s this new Woongi video for their single “Antiques,” which starts off on a good foot and then just keeps getting progressively more fun until it’s thrilling (yet very casual) finale. It’s a real cinematic experience of the highest variety, kinda like Repo Men condensed into three minutes… and with more dancing. Okay, it’s not really like Repo Men, but both are excellent and well worth your time. Taken from the band’s latest album, Rip’s Cuts, released this past Spring via Sooper Records (Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Kaina, This Is Lorelei), the New Trash edited/directed video is a stunning clip that brings new life to their otherworldly art-rock synth pop sound.

Opening with some slow panned shots of a junkyard / construction site and the band as its sole inhabitants, the atmosphere is set to warped synths and dreamy washes of hazy noises, everything with it’s own state of fluid tranquility. Before long the band’s garbage bag labor turns to a labor of love as the members embrace their situation with some joyous dance moves, the trash bags leading the way. It’s during this ribbon dance inspired moment that everything changes, a motorcycle appears from under the refuse rubble. Just as one the members get close, a mysterious figure takes them off into the night, a blissful ride down the open road… any far beyond. We’re not going to spoil anything, just watch the video.

*Fun fact: the album Rip's Cuts synchs up to a bad (you be the judge) 1993 movie called The Skateboard Kid starring Timothy Busfield. The YouTube synch of the album and movie (from a Woongi fan account) currently has more streams than any of the band’s actual videos. Here's the synch - the "Details" section contains some info. It’s a rabbit hole worth heading down if you like to enjoy the wonders of the internet.