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Half Stack - "Goner" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Oakland’s Half Stack find that perfect space between the alt(ernative) and country in “alt-country.” While the band are a decent way from the South, their dusty twang and down-home hooks feel natural, authentic, and easily settled. There’s no tension, just open sky and big melodic relaxation, the type that never feels stagnant (like certain less dynamic indie rock bands), but lulls you into a stoned peacefulness. The band’s last record, Quitting Time, was produced by Jay Som and released less than a year ago, but despite their laid back music, Half Stack aren’t wasting any time. Set to release Aw Hell, a new EP on September 27th, we’re excited to share that record’s first single, “Goner”.

Speaking about the song, the band shared:

"This is the first song off a small EP we recorded over the summer at our friend Joe's apartment in San Francisco. It's obvious by now that Half Stack draws a lot of inspiration from classic country music and we're experimenting a little more with that in our new material. In writing this song, I was building on a theme that's been present in our music about trying to keep it together when certain things feel like they're slipping away."

There’s a good feeling from the twangy intro to the front-porch vocal melody, a sign that things will be okay in spite of all we’re up against. The hook pours out with “I’ve been gone away, but I’ll be coming back around that bend one day” and there’s a brightness in the temporary nature of things, and a comfort in knowing thats come and go, but we keep stride as best we can in the meantime.