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Eerie Wanda - "Hands of the Devil" | Post-Trash Compilation Feature

photo credit: Adam Harding

photo credit: Adam Harding

by Tom Alexander (@___alexd)

The term “bedroom pop” has been so overused that it’s more-or-less lost all meaning when it comes to describing music. The phrase is mostly used as a short-hand to say “not recorded in a studio,” but that’s very different than the idea of someone recording something privately within their bedroom, right? As much as the genre does not mean what it once did, there’s something special about coming across some honest-to-god bedroom pop. Eerie Wanda fits that bill; lead songwriter Marina Tadic recorded much of Eerie Wanda’s second album, Pet Town, in isolation with her acoustic guitar or ukulele, later adding handclaps and homespun percussion. But just because Tadic is alone doesn’t mean she’s lonely – these songs radiate warmth and compassion, broadcasting from a bedroom straight to your heart.

Eerie Wanda submitted “Hands of the Devil” to this year’s Post-Trash Vol. 4 compilation, with proceeds going to RAICES, an organization that advocates for refugees and immigrants in crisis. “Hands of the Devil” is emblematic of Pet Town as a whole: Tadic’s voice moves in the rhythm of a playground chant, her guitar picked in a lilting, whimsical manner, and the scant handclap percussion giving the recording an intimate, live feel. What I value most about “Hands of the Devil” is how tactile the song feels. With its few instruments and transparent arrangement, you can easily imagine the song being recorded. Close your eyes, and you can see the performance in your head.  

Maybe this is your first time hearing Eerie Wanda, but it is hard to imagine it will be your last. “Hands of the Devil,” like much of Pet Town, will get lodged in your head, soundtracking various parts of your day when you least expect it. For me, it started with Episode #4 of Post-Trash Live: A Podcast, as “Sleepy Eyes” made its unshakable impression. A few seconds of silence held in the air after the song was over before co-host Nick Dooley warmly said “Nice.” He was right – Eerie Wanda’s music is kind, it’s human.

Eerie Wanda’s “Hands of the Devil” is on Post-Trash: Volume Four, a compilation to benefit RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services). Pet Town is out now via Joyful Noise Recordings.