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Hissing Tiles - "Rist" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

We all know there’s something special about noise rock from the Midwest, something that works itself out in different shapes and forever pushes the dirt of genre in new directions. Cincinnati’s Hissing Tiles for about six years now, making noise punk that works bits of grandiose art rock and dampened industrial into their own sordid Touch and Go formula. Taking influences from bands like This Heat and Wire, the trio have expanded their sound with electronic flourishes that work together with their more aggressive noise tendencies on their sophomore album, Boychoir, due out August 30th via Whited Sepulchre (Planning For Burial, Midwife, Forest Management).

The album’s third single, “Rist” is built on a repetitive bass loop, one that has the band claiming the song is “the closest we’ve gotten to dance music,” though we’re not talking pop here. It’s a sordid and dark track, that builds with occasional stabs of guitar and melody, mostly careening with a mechanical grind and outstretched feedback that permeates the crisp and circular rhythmic pulse.

Speaking about the song, the band shared:

“Lyrically, “Rist” is kind of an outlier on this album, as it’s the only song that isn’t some kind of character-based vignette. The song is a pretty blunt expression of my disgust and sadness over people’s complacency in the face of in-the-flesh nationalism and fascism. I sang the last verse in French primarily because I thought it would sound cool, but also as a way to acknowledge that this wave of nativist hatred is happening everywhere.”

The video features editing and effects by 4th Dimensional Broadcasting Company.


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