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Ing - "Closet" | Post-Trash Compilation Feature


by Tom Alexander (@___alexd)

As the classic saying goes, hitting play on a band that self-describes themselves as “~experimental~” is like a box of chocolates. The way that Richmond VA’s Ing (just “Ing”, like the suffix) is experimental is a straight-forward way. They seem like a band that is genuinely curious about what kind of music they make. Songs change structure at the drop of a hat, varying in speed, volume, and rhythm. This variation – these dynamics – never feel self-conscious though. They feel like the product of a band that is interested in playing off one another, quite literally testing the boundaries of their songwriting.  

For the Post-Trash Volume IV compilation, Ing have shared “Closet,” a previously unreleased track. The song features the same interest in exploration as the songs on 2018’s self-titled debut EP. Hannah Balesi’s guitar and vocals take center stage as the rhythm section (Will Mullany on drums and Garen Dorsey on bass) move from casual and relaxed to skittering and nervous. The mercurial approach is playful, but it’s also a bit anxiety-inducing. Just as Ing allow you to feel at ease in their reverb-drenched dreamscape, the band hit double-time and jolt forward. “Closet” has an EP’s worth of ideas and riffs, and Ing expend it all in a three-and-a-half minute run. Give it a listen and be part of the experiment: test how each section of the song makes you feel.

Ing’s “Closet” is on Post-Trash: Volume Four, a compilation to benefit RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services). Ing’s self-titled record is out now on Citrus City.