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Divorce Cop - "Cup" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It hasn’t even been three months since we had the pleasure of premiering Divorce Cop’s debut EP, What?, and even less time since we reviewed it. The Portland, ME trio are keeping true to their lo-fi roots however, and with that comes prolific schedules. The band will release a new 7” single on August 23rd via Salty Speakers (Rick Rude, Greed Island, Kiss Concert) and that ramshackle, this-could-fall-apart-at-any-minute, spirit remains alive and majestic on our first taste of the record, “Cup.” There’s something special about their raw clamor and carefree approach.

The “Cup” video is shaky trip through the living room, one that captures the disorienting nature of the song, as it caves in on itself melodically in an amazing way, each layered yelp and rattled chord vibrantly adding to the chaotic slacker vibes. It’s sloppy, but brilliantly so, that unrefined sense does wonders for the song, one that wouldn’t have the same effect with a clean and “structured” sound. Just as the chords begin to feel torn apart and the drums as though they’re failing down a long set of stairs, Divorce Cop fade into the distance, not a moment wasted.