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FCKR JR - "The Pain and Sleep Department" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes time to name your band. Some crack under it and some thrive. Chicago’s FCKR JR are most definitely thriving. The quartet, led by Ben Grigg (Geronimo!, Whelpwisher, Future Biff), formed in the late months of 2017, having released their debut single, Fog b/w Nine Inch Cakes just as 2018 came to a close. The band have become somewhat of a fixture among the PRF community, having played several of their festivals and contributing to their Monthly Tribute Series (specifically Guided By Voices and Kathleen Hanna), which might give you a fair indication of their sound. Set to release their full length debut, I’m Sorry Mom and Dad, on August 2nd via Born Yesterday Records (Landowner, Glued, Drool), it’s a perfectly fuzzy mix of slacker pop and big spacey melodies that nod to luminaries like Dinosaur Jr, Ride, and Illinois’ own, Hum.

Our first listen to their upcoming album comes via lead single, “The Pain and Sleep Department,” a perfect introduction to their locked-in and phased-out guitars and Grigg’s always exceptional earworm melodies. It’s a laid back song that’s anything but catatonic, a well developed and nuanced layering of thick distortion and a steady burning rhythm from Emily Bean (bass) and Liz Bustamante (drums) keep it forever driving. Eschewing a traditional hook in favor of a repeating verse and Grigg and Emily Wrong’s syrupy intertwined riffs, the band dive headfirst into the fuzz and absolutely pound their way out; stuttered drum hits, immersive bass, and careening harmonies leading the way.

FCKR JR’s I’m Sorry Mom and Dad is out August 2nd via Born Yesterday Records.