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Delicate Boys - "Big Shot" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Austin’s Delicate Boys are getting ready to release their full length debut, Mineral Empire, due out July 26th as the inaugural releases of No Wisdom Records. Their sound throughout the album takes more than a few weird shifts, but at their core the quartet draw influences from garage rock, psych punk, and burly stoner fuzz. It’s all kind of disorienting in structure from one scene to the next, but there’s an immediacy to it that certainly leaves a quick impression. It’s dirty music made with clean production, a sonic adjustment that takes some getting used to, but gives their songs an accessible sheen. There’s a lot of cosmic whirring and swirling just beneath it all, relegated to the background, but eventually becoming the focal point on repeat listens.

Lead single “Big Shot” is a song about “quitting your soulless corporate job in a blaze of glory and telling the morally bankrupt CEO exactly where he can shove his 85-times-what-you-make salary,” a true rock ‘n’ roll anthem for everyone who daydreams about walking away from the 9 to 5 grind. Landing firmly in the psych realm of Delicate Boys’ sound, the song’s backbone is built on a steady rhythmic groove, motorik in vision, as everything echoes and reverberates around it. This one is a boogie down barn-burner, the guitars gaining steady density until everything feels as though it’s spiraling like a dust storm directly between your headphones.

Delicate Boys celebrate their album release show on July 24th at Austin’s Hotel Vegas.