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Snubbed - "Snubbed" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Following up last year’s demo, Brooklyn’s Snubbed have returned with their self-titled full length debut, due out July 30th. The hardcore quartet make punk that’s both gruesome and distorted, plastered in feedback and ringing with animosity. Their chugging blend of metal, noise rock, and pummeling hardcore never recedes (expect maybe on “Opium for the Masses” - a brainy punk song reminiscent of Big Ups), never winces, they’re set firmly in attack mode from the very beginning and they remain there in the end, teeth clenched and rhythms pounded into oblivion.

Vocalist Joe Siou’s agitated howl sounds constantly filthy, barked out and garbled with venom and disdain. While the lyrics are often hard to make out, the intensity can’t be missed, burning from one tough as nails riff to the next. There’s no time to slow down when there’s just so much to scream about, and Snubbed use their time wisely, never hanging on to any one moment for longer than necessary, moving from sludge dirges to breakneck grind without warning or much change in temperament. It’s the furious kick in the teeth kind of jumpstart your Monday needs… or any day you happen to listen to it.

All sales of the record through the end of August will be donated to RAICES, so don’t dilly dally on getting yourself a copy.