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Lawn - "Summertime" | Post-Trash Compilation Feature


by Joel Parmer (@cup_of_joel)

Lawn is a cool band from New Orleans. They easily fit alongside like minded NOLA groups Pope and the more recent-endeavor Matt Surfin' & Friends. Their new standalone track for the Post-Trash comp, “Summertime,” was actually recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matthew Seferian of the two mentioned corollary bands.

My favorite song by Lawn is “Familiar” from the Big Sprout EP but “Summertime” is a close second. However, this is not meant to downplay Lawn’s Forged Artifacts full length release Blood On The Tracks from last year, because that album also rules. To me, Lawn kind of sounds like if The Cars were a jangly indie rock band and forgot to use their keyboards. 

In “Summertime” noodly bass and polyrhythmic drums jumpstart the song and remain almost unchanged. Aside from a couple of quick transitions, the rhythm section holds down a jam, alongside guitar parts that revolve around reiterations, post-punk chord progressions, and a solo section. Vocal parts in this song sound oddly enough like a cross between Zack Schwartz (Spirit of the Beehive) and Ric Ocasek (The Cars). But it works! In summary, “Summertime” is a pretty fucking cool song by a sweet band from the Big Easy.

Lawn’s “Summertime” is on Post-Trash: Volume Four, a compilation to benefit RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services). Blood On The Tracks is out now via Forged Artifacts.