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Should've - "Dirt Don't Smell" EP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Should’ve are a new Brooklyn trio worth getting to know. Having been playing together for about a year, the band’s sound is heavy and fuzzy, and they’re still adapting and experimenting with their blueprint. It’s early days for the band, and they are off to a promising start. Last year they released their debut single and the Flesh From Bone EP, recording in a living room, and full of lo-fi slacker punk and shadowy grunge. They’ve been playing around town ever since and on August 2nd they’ll release their sophomore EP, Dirt Don’t Smell, a record that leaps from where they began to something more nuanced, ominous, and undefinable.

The record’s lead single “Black Houses” lays the sonic blueprint of atmospheric noise, creeping acoustics, and warped vocals, each element doing its part to disorient and mount tension. The new recordings came to light as Adam Sierz (guitars/vocals) spent time experimenting with feedback and different recording processes on his Tascam, eventually bringing the evolved sound back to the band. Built on acoustic guitar and the warm hiss of tape, there’s a mysterious air to the songs, one that feels manipulated, soured, and pulled apart before careful reconstruction. “Like You” makes a strong case with a folky guitar line that sits beneath the fog, but the production offers it’s own spacial menace. While not as heavy as their debut EP, the pairing of the two (which will available together on a new cassette) shows a great dynamic in their songwriting, capable of crushing sludge and haunting beauty.

Upcoming Shows:

7/30 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville w/ Bad Kiss, Lea, & Constant Smiles
8/04 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville w/ Parrot Dream, Reduction Plan, & Ambersmoke

Should’ve’s Dirt Don’t Smell is out August 2nd.