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Mount Sharp - "Apostate" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It’s been five years since Brooklyn’s Mount Sharp released their Weird Fears EP, and the fabric of this country has vastly changed during that time. One that remains the same however is the quartet’s pop-centric indie sheen, their songs wearing their hearts proudly on their sleeves. Set to release a brand new record before long, the band hone in on influences that range from Fleetwood Mac to Dinosaur Jr, which is to say there’s plenty of mystical swooning and swelling guitar fuzz. Our first taste of the band’s long-awaited new music comes in the form of “Apostate,” a song that pulls from the band’s more serene end, a dreamy song to melt away to during this heat wave.

Built on a resonant twang and a pulsating rhythm, the song breathes at a natural clip, drawing between a soft intimacy and a thick fuzzy build up by the bridge. There’s a syrupy quality to the vocals that stick with you after the song has ended, and while you may not instantly remember the lyrics, the melody is now part of consciousness, like a distant memory that repeats in your mind. The video follows Sarah Wood (vocals, guitar), aka Swood, through Portland, ME, the city where the band’s members first met before heading south to Brooklyn. It’s not exactly a tour of the town, but by the end of it, you certainly feel as though you know Swood a bit better.