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Karaoke - "Baby" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Last summer Atlanta’s Karaoke released their debut EP, How To Make You Boil, a haunting collection of dream pop and avant-garde psych. The record is dazzling in its scope and composition, but the heart of the band lies in its leader, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Grace Wayne, whose vocals are gentle but mesmerizing. The band (with members of Omni, Del Venicci, etc.) travel from one plane of existence to another, sounding something like Widowspeak on a cosmic mission or Renata Zeiguer’s spiritual counterparts, adapting their swooning melodies and warping them into new sonic landscapes. Today the band share new single “Baby” and we’re excited to premiere the song’s Haley Wetherington directed video.

The song’s slow and ominous introduction is paired perfectly with the video’s lighting, backing out into frame without any sense of urgency. The clip is fantastically off-centered which works together with the song, a dirge of psych tension that opens to primal drums and eventually the surfy bliss of Wayne’s vocals and guitar. Then there’s the making out… which happens right in front of everything (we’ve all been to a show like this, I’m sure of it) as the song winds around a tight soulful progression, the video’s focus going in and out in time with the music. As the song really begins to dig in, so does the making out, and things get gradually weirder. By the end the lights are on and the couple is covered in blood and while we may not know what happened, we certainly love the soundtrack.