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Dumb - "CBC Radio 3" | Post-Trash Premiere

dumb cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There are a lot of bands making jerky and jagged post-punk these days, the sound’s resurgence firmly implanted in modern punk to the point where its starting to flatline. Some do it better than others however, and Dumb from Vancouver are a shinning example. Fusing together a mix of the Wire school of post-punk with the Devo school of the genre, the quartet like to swerve across lanes, pulling together a panoramic view of clever detachment and snide cynicism that reflects on everything from gentrification to the endless pursuit of internet content. Following up last year’s Seeing Green in quick succession, their latest full length, Club Nites is due out next Friday, June 7th via Mint Records (Lié, Necking, Kiwi Jr). Having shared early singles “Content Jungle,” “Beef Hits,” and “Club Nites,” we’re excited to premiere the album’s finale, “CBC Radio 3” ahead of the release.

After the thirteen razor sharp jams that proceed it (just wait until you hear the fractured solo of “Columbo”), Dumb slow it down for “CBC Radio 3,” an oddly melodic song that works best due to it’s unusual place in the band’s catalog. It’s the sunshine after the storm, and though it’s sure to earn further comparisons to Parquet Courts, the intentionally laid back vocals and nervy guitars are bolstered by one amazingly nimble bass line. The narcissism and general anxiousness of the record coming to a head, Dumb are reflecting on it all, “they blew you kisses and you slammed the door, it’s an old familiar heartache.” It’s casual as hell, and it could just be the picture perfect ending to Club Nites.