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Grizzlor - "Warp Speed" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

For the past six years Grizzlor have been making their own brand of thrashy noise rock that should appeal to fans of both Oozing Wound and Power Trip. The Connecticut trio rip and shred with a sneering sense of humor and spaced out resolve, but their songs are primal brutality, steamrolling over everything in their path. Following 2017’s Destructoid and last year’s early recording reissue, 5 Wasted Years, the experimental metal band return with Coolness Factor 6, a new EP due out June 21st via Learning Curve (Bummer, Super Thief, Tongue Party) and the band’s own Hermit Cave Records. If the title is any bit of a clue, Grizzlor continue their assault with tongue-in-cheek fun, slaughtering those who enable hipper-than-thou grandstanding with their own sonic pulp devastation (not to mention one of the best album covers).

Lead single “Warp Speed” stampedes into existence with a pummeling rhythm (and glorious fills) and guitars that burrow deep into space’s darkest voids. The whole thing is laser focused, tearing forward with an unnerving propulsion, there’s little regard for atmosphere or dynamics, and in Grizzlor’s case, that’s totally works. When you’ve come for destruction, let their be destruction. “Warp Speed” rattles and cracks at the seems, each raw verse broken up by a detached flurry of brute force, mixing together sludge, thrash, and noise punk in their own cosmic heap of filthy distortion and dexterity.