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The Mad Doctors - "Truancy Man" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It’s been six sweaty years of fuzzy bliss for Brooklyn’s The Mad Doctors but it would appear all good things must come to end. The trio are calling it quits and we mourn the pending loss of a unique presence in Brooklyn’s punk circles, one that always remained a beacon for DIY, void of posturing and pretension. Their live heroics and commitment to the shred have always been appreciated and cultivated in their homegrown King Pizza Records community, and with the end in sight, they give us one last serving of scuzzy joy with RIP, their upcoming (and unfortunately appropriately-titled) five track EP, due out this summer. The band will be hitting the road in support of the release, with a couple of not to miss local shows including their release show and their grand finale following the tour. It’s less RIP Mad Doctors and more Mad Doctors RIP, if you catch my gist.

“Truancy Man,” the first single and RIP opening tracking is massive and gnarly, a stoned and distorted blast into the ragged garage punk that has made The Mad Doctors a beacon for all these years. Freaks and slackers united in their clouds of skate punk shouts and big-ass-riffs. The bass grinds beneath it, locked forever forward, pushing the fuzzed out pulse under the fury of reverberating guitars and space echo madness. They dig in, as they always have, and result is chaotic fun, a feel good anthem for all the kids who have better things to do than go to school.

The Mad Doctors’ RIP is out July 17th via King Pizza Records.


7/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Windjammer
7/18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooskies
7/19 - Ft. Wayne IN @ The Brass Rail
7/20 - Detroit, MI
7/21 - Chicago, IL @ Reed's
7/22 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Hub
7/23 - Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
7/24 - Richmond, VA @ Cary St. Cafe
7/25 - Washington, DC @ The Pie Shop
7/26 - Philadelphia, PA
7/27 - Baltimore, MD @ Mercury Theater