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Low Sun - "Don't Look" | Post-Trash Premiere

low sun album cover online.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Toronto duo Low Sun have only been around for two years and yet they’ve toured Europe on several occasions, as well as Japan and China, a rather worldly task for a post-hardcore band finding their footing in the DIY scene. Those experiences have informed the band’s songwriting on the upcoming New/Shiny, the band’s latest release for Art of the Uncarved Block (Fond, Pax, Tang), due out in June. While the band are currently back on tour throughout Europe (check the dates), we’ve got the premiere of new single “Don’t Look,” a song that blurs post-hardcore, pop, and shoegaze into a short kaleidoscope of dense riffs and gentle vocal melodies. Reminiscent of Jawbox filtered through the Swirlies, it’s chemtrail guitars bend in colorful bursts, adding the brightened lyrical focus without repetition or traditional hooks. Low Sun get in and get out, leaving an itch for multiple listens.