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Conditioner Disco Group - "(Don't Gotta) Raise A Family" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Portland’s Conditioner Disco Group (once simply known as Conditioner) are back with an extended name and a long-awaited new self-titled album. Due out April 12th via Sweden’s Maternal Voice Records, the post-punk band continue to the elastic tight insistency of Suggested Use with caustic precision and animated yelps. The band takes influence from the 80’s post-punk underground heroes, and contorts them into their own jagged discourse, twisting and wrapping itself into knots. The record’s lead single, “(Don’t Gotta) Raise A Family” is a loose and biting jab at domesticity, built on a corrosive jangle and a enormous bass groove that remains stationary as the band burn and peel into hyper chaos around it. The guitars dart in and out, violent punctuation on the rhythmic vocals and their sardonic agitated shouts

We’re eager to hear the rest of Conditioner Disco Group, an album that proudly carries the freaky Portland post-punk flag.