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Lily & Horn Horse - "Unit and Bucket" | Post-Trash Premiere

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by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Sometimes a great artistic pairing on a split release can highlight the best in each act by simply hearing them in context with each other. For Lily & Horn Horse and Banny Grove, and their upcoming full length split, 4 Partners Road, the bizarre art pop of the latter and the smooth but still experimental pop of the former are supreme compliments to one another. While each artist operates in their own unique orbit, there sounds work simultaneously to contort reality with both melted senses of melody and eccentric charm. Due out April 30th via Nicey Music (Locate S,1, Dimples, Mega Bog, etc), each of the ten new songs add a new clarity into their processes and songwriting vision.

“Unit and Bucket,” the record’s closing track and first single comes from Lily & Horn Horse. The duo, comprised of Lily Konigsberg (Palberta) and Matt Norman (Horn Horse), offer a logical expansion from 2017’s Next To Me, further refining their pop with impressive syrupy hooks and well placed brass accents. In a better world (and one that further values artistic freedom), the two would be pop icons, their songs sweet and airy but equally interesting and engaging. The single has a detached groove, stop and starting, stuttering and skipping, it works well with the bleeding horn melodies and Konigsberg’s gentle melodies. The song swells and pauses to great effect, the charm relentlessly carrying forward undeterred until it’s abrupt end.