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Shelter Dogs - “(I’m Not Gonna Do) Anything for You” | Post-Trash Premiere


by Tom Alexander (@___alexd)

It’s been a while, but you can smell it in the air: Shelter Dogs are back. The Brooklyn-based (formerly New Haven) power-pop band are as huggable and lovable as ever, and we’re premiering a song that’ll be sure to make your tail wag. Make no bones about it, and don’t worry, this is where the groan-worthy puppy puns end. “(I’m Not Gonna Do) Anything for You” is the second track from the upcoming Crashing a Party With… EP, and it -- like most Shelter Dogs songs -- packs a tremendous wallop of a melody. Loud guitars and a strong rhythm section plant the foundation for Brian LaRue‘s biting lyrics and vocals. And the icing on the cake? The delightful keys, sealing the deal and making “(I’m Not Gonna Do) Anything for You” an undeniable earworm.  

Born out of a solo project of Brian LaRue (vocals/guitars), Shelter Dogs is a muscular, precise hit-delivery machine. Think Bob Mould’s Sugar, but revved up and a little more cynical. This is the garage rock anthem you’ll want to play in the video montage of you throwing your ex’s self-portraits out the third-story apartment window. Shelter Dogs new EP, Crashing a Party With…, will be out this Spring on cassette via King Pizza Records.