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Petrol Darling - "Ô Reine" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

For the past year and half Jordan Reyes has been steadily releasing experimental music via his American Damage and American Dreams labels, imprints that explores the limits of synth manipulation, both pretty and harsh. For his latest release, Reyes (guitar) has joined forces with Ambre Sala (vocals, synth, programming) to form Petrol Darling, built on Sala’s songwriting and sonic compositions. The duo will release Ô Reine on May 24th on a super limited run of 30 lathe cut 7” records and we’re excited to premiere the single’s a-side. Sala wrote the haunting track about her childhood friend who committed suicide at a young age and while her lyrics are sung entirely in French, the atmosphere and tonality paint the picture.

The song trickles with an ominous bass tone and pulsing synths as Sala’s voice offers a deep and remorseful longing, countered by Reyes’ long and contemplative arpeggios. The song opens into a lush and heavenly sort of aura in the middle, still dark, but the synths providing a warped kind of sunshine poking through the otherwise tense and cloudy construction. It may not be this year’s feel good anthem, but it’s most definitely found the beauty in the darkness.