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Distants - "White Flags" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Joel Parmer (@cup_of_joel)

Chicago’s Distants are an up and coming force to be reckoned with. Following up their four song self-titled 7” from 2018, the band will be releasing their debut full-length, simply titled II, on May 23. “White Flags” is the first song to be released from the upcoming album. It’s a short but sweet glimpse into what’s in store for Distants.

A quick-hitting track, “White Flags” clocks in at just two minutes but it packs a punch. The song counts off with a simple strumming guitar part and vocals pushing out the words: “Every white flag I’ve ever waived. I’ve reused a couple times.” A burst of punchy bass and drums enter, the guitar part evolves: a bendy, borderline bluesy, guitar lead hovers over the continuation of the intro riff.

The transition section after the verse and proceeding chorus takes a slightly major turn, in some ways akin to midwest-punk staples like The Menzingers. You can’t help but bob your head along to these infectious progressions. Vocals are pushed even further during the chorus of “White Flags,” as background yells and a hooky chord progression reinforce the track. A controlled yet chaotic guitar solo emerges as the song begins it’s decrescendo. As the song almost embarks into twinkly territory, it ends with a classic syncopated bang.

Keep an eye out for Distants’ debut album II and pre-order it from Salinas Records if you dig “White Flags”. It’s slated for a vinyl release and will feature screen printed album artwork as the B-side.