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Real Blood - "This Is Gonna Hurt" EP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The first and only time I’ve seen Brooklyn’s Real Blood play live, I was grinning like an idiot with a smile plastered on my face from ear to ear. It was a special moment, like seeing an old friend that you hadn’t in years and realizing they’re still the same friend you came to love all that time ago. The reason for that with Real Blood is the band’s core of Kerry Kalberg (guitar/vocals) and Nick Dooley (drums) were once two thirds of Flagland, one of the DIY’s scene’s (now defunct) best-kept-secrets. With their new project however, the duo is joined by Coby Chafets (ex-Ubetcha) on bass and the trio are set to release their debut EP, This Is Gonna Hurt, on April 26th.

Their debut is a call back to the glory days of Flagland, the riddled anxiety pop rippers that only Kalberg can write, the madness before the band’s prog-induced finale. As one of the more gifted songwriters I’ve known, these songs are genuine punk gold, a set of three tracks that are so rich with hooks and memorable moments that they can wind and twist structures without losing an ounce of pop accessibility. There’s the incredible doo-wop beach pop of “If Not I’ll Just Die” (and it’s dirty barista talk) and the jittery barn-burner “Promise,” both shinning examples of a deep understanding for pop throughout the years and how it can be perfectly subverted into tormented punk. Then there’s EP opener “Break The Skin,” a blistering piece of detach sludge and manic yelps, the spirit of Kalberg looming large as he shouts “find another person to put me in."

The band celebrate the EP’s release on April 26th at The Glove in Brooklyn with Washer, Jury Duty, and Beau Dega.