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Tunic - "Blessed" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Don’t let the quaint vibe of the “Blessed” video fool you, Tunic is all abrasive and blistering fury. The trio released their full length debut, Complexion, back in February via Self Sabotage Records and they’ve been touring in support of it ever since, which if fortunate because they really rip live on a level all their own. It’s heavy and more than anything, relentless, a constant barrage of well pointed distortion and a wall of feedback. “Blessed,” one of the record’s many fine moments (though not named after their Canadian peers and oft-tour mates) is a caustic ripper built on tension and densely chaotic rhythmic heft - the kind that feels like danger is right around the corner.

The video, much like their previous clips, is made up of slow moving images and still framed shots that have a sleekness to them despite the joyful ugliness of their sound. The band pose for a painted portrait (you know… band stuff) and just when the mundanity of it all comes crashing down, the tension of the song breaks and things start to devolve into shaken and furiously explosive territory.