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Perennial - "Landscape In Four Pieces" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Torrey Proto

On their upcoming split with Connecticut post-hardcore titans Mineva, the indomitable Perennial serve up a slice of the twisted experimental rock they’ve become known for. The unhinged New England-based trio consisting of multi-instrumentalists Chelsey Hahn, Chad Jewett, and Wil Mulhern offer up a brief but thrilling piece of playful absurdism entitled “Landscape in Four Pieces” that will appeal to those that seek mysterious and challenging sounds. The group manage to carefully layer one unidentifiable but alluring sound on top of another, adding up to an oddly entrancing groove that picks up steam just before abruptly coming to a close. When Jewett’s desperate vocals enter the mix with shouts of “I sleep in the eaves / I am sprouting leaves / I’m ephemeral / I was born to bleed,” they only add to the strangely satisfying intensity of the brisk track. It all adds up to an enticing concoction that leaves you wondering what other tricks these truly unique artists might have in store. 

The split is out March 15 on Howling Frequency.