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Son Step - "Saucy" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

When a band from Philly names their lead single “Saucy",” you know you’re in for something. When that band is the guitar-less synth explorers Son Step, that something becomes something else. Set to release their latest album, Fossilillies, on May 17th via Grind Select (All Boy/All Girl, A Beacon School, Museyroom), the band are in good company with the forward thinking indie pop and experimental electronic label. The band’s sound is complex and lush, a deep dive into rhythm and melody and how to two can push each other into new spaces altogether with a futuristic zeal. The synth work on “Saucy” is intricate yet gorgeous, the twinkling keys tangled around a litany of flurried noises, trills, and layered pop. The rhythm has a spidery quality, moving about in multiple directions with razor sharp precision. The whole thing resides somewhere between tropical and spaced out, a “saucy” combination indeed.

Speaking about the track, the band shared:

“This is a song about the inherent indescribability of things that give us meaning. It’s an attempt to convey, with words, that words can only get us so far. It’s also just a little dance party for folks that are down for that. We wanted this track to speak primarily on a sonic level, and to reveal itself in emotional terms despite being loaded with busy notes and quick changes.”