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Boothe - "8 or 9 Walled Room" EP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Nathan Springer (@drownloading)

Nino Tomorrow, a Philadelphia-based tape label specializing in esoteric electronic music, has once again confounded expectation with it’s recent release by Boothe (member of ultra lo-fi anti-pop group Wilt ). Previous releases have included unearthed MIDI gems and meditative, fractured dance music.  8 or 9 Walled Room is neither of these things, and in fact is quite difficult to pin down with words. One aspect of this release that strikes me is its brevity. At six songs in a little more than as many minutes, you may be drawn to immediately re-listen several times in succession to soak it in, as I did. It’s almost a grindcore approach to experimental electronic. There is a sense of playfulness in melody and rhythm that reminds me of Palberta, and the mix of relatively minimal instrumentation and frenetic arrangements creates a subtle tension that pulls you through the record. Check out the record below.

Boothe’s 8 or 9 Walled Room is out April 1st via Nino Tomorrow Label.