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Vamanos - "I Don't Care" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn’s Vamanos are one King Pizza Records’ longest running bands, a jet engine fueled duo that have been making rapid fire garage punk for the past five years. Their sound is blown out, thick with fuzz, and buzzing with raw energy that pulses through their veins. It’s been three long years since they released the informatively titled A 10” at 45 RPMs, but the ferocious rawk band are back with Streetwalker, a new full length due out April 13th via the aforementioned King Pizza. This is no-frills - crank and let it rip - rock, the kind of riff that seemingly just presents itself if you head bang hard enough.

“I Don’t Care” is the record’s second single, a big paint peeler of garage punk disfunction and a general lack or concern for little else. The drums hammer at a rapid pace, the meaty pummel swelling together with power chord soaked progressions. Vamanos have created a song you can shout along with, or maybe go crowd surfing, but it seems every apparent that sitting still is not an option.