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Teen Body - "Dreamo" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Dreamo, the name of Teen Body’s sophomore album isn’t just a clever title, it’s a fairly apt description. Sure “shoedreamo” or “dreamogaze” might be even more accurate, but they just don’t have the same ring to them. The New York band’s album is out April 12th via Broken Circles (Champagne Superchillin, Body Origami, Pecas), and its awash in gorgeous tones that mix dreary wanderlust with a sense of wonder and bliss. Their third single and title track was released earlier this week and now the quartet are sharing it’s weirdly gorgeous video.

The clip has it all… goths dressed in white, cult like tunics, synchronized dancing, some pilgrim looking folks, and the majesty of nature. At one point the video’s focal point, the aforementioned goth-like person gets stuck up in a tree… and it’s a definite highlight. Give a listen and drift off with Teen Body as the guide to your dreams.