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All People - "Harbor" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

For the past eight years New Orleans’ All People have been tirelessly expanding their sound. Since the inception of the band, the quartet has pushed and prodded from album to album, refining their style, focus, and jumping in new directions as inspiration takes them from one shift to another. If you ask the band, their upcoming fourth album, Do This Again Tomorrow (out April 26th via Community Records), has found the sweet spot they’ve been looking for all along, a perfect culmination of their collective ideas. They’ve had a great time finding this moment and it’s reflective throughout the album.

Latest single “Harbor” is an encapsulation of the many-headed ideas that make up the core of All People, there’s an ominous synth intro that is swallowed by a wall of guitars that lash into the verse with a distorted rumble. The confessional lyrics, “I harbor embarrassment at the fact that I / Can’t stand up for what I know is right / Long days, sleepless nights to blame / Gotta have conversations to change the game” are delivered somewhere between pop punk and post-hardcore, bouncing along melodically one moment and screaming out the next. The song has it’s fair share of elastic structures, slipping in and out of dreamscapes and chaotic screeds to enact a real change.