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Ther - "Nonultrajoy" EP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Patrick Pilch (@pratprilch)

Science! Comedy! Ted Talks! Ther’s new EP has it all. Nonultrajoy is the fourth release from Philadelphia’s own Andi Jones. It’s bright, cozy and catchy as hell; all four tracks assembling under wildly collective circumstances. While Andi Jones is the true maestro on Nonultrajoy, writing and recording most parts, their latest solo effort thrives in allied collaboration. Ther’s Bandcamp page lists a fair share of creative associates, crediting Tim Jones’ artwork, four different background vocalists and Prudence Deliliah’s drum contributions on “Angel on Cherry” and “I’d Never.”

Nonultrajoy is a radiant mix of pop ditties and acoustic revamps, hitting somewhere between Spencer Radcliffe’s subtle sentimentality and Lomelda’s raw sincerity. It’s “a malnourished EP by an overfed band,” reveling in its own intimacy and nuance. The coughs during the final moments of “Angel On Cherry” aren’t even gross - they’re actually kinda nice. In all its brevity, “I’d Never” manages to pack a wild pop punch in just over a minute, putting Jones’ hook writing prowess on full display. Later, “April In Paris” caps off the EP with the help of Tabitha Ahnert’s soaring vocals in joyous, full band fashion. Nonultrajoy is another brilliantly fleeting release that further proves Ther’s increasingly distinct flair for songwriting.

Nonultrajoy is out via Deep Sea Records on March 15.