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Bananagun - "Do Yeah" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There’s nothing quiet like finding a new label and diving deep into their catalog, discovering releases both old and new to fall in love with. My introduction to Anti Fade Records may be late, but I’ve spent a good majority of this year so far exploring their releases and on first impression I love just about all of them (why no one sat me down and made me listen to Constant Mongrel sooner is beyond me). We had the pleasure of sharing Parsnip’s new video a couple weeks back and we’re happy to share an equally awesome video from the label’s most mysterious new band, Bananagun. Set to release their debut single Do Yeah 7” on February 15th, their sound is a psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole, a vision of the past swirling in every direction.

Melbourne’s Bananagun (featuring members of Parnsip and Frowning Clouds) let it rip with a freaky groove from the start, there’s a hit of the gong and it’s all hypnotic from there. Reminiscent to Can with a condensed approach, “Do Yeah” offers rhythms with Latin accents, rattled on timbale and djembe’s, the percussive nature of the song and the gang-vocals chants put this song in a unique place. The video is a call back to the paisley era of acid trips and peaceful outsiders, all its psychedelic bliss instilled deep into third eye. With ever present layered rhythms that demand attention, the band’s guitars and fuzzy vocals float warped melodies in mesmerizing patterns. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for a few weeks and it feels something like joining a cult… the good kind of cult, full of sunshine and community.