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Boon - "Jasmine Seeds" | Post-Trash Premiere

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by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It’s been about a year and half since Boon released There’s No Saving This House (which we had the pleasure of premiering) and aside from a few scatted singles and shows around the northeast, they’ve been mostly quiet. The time has come though, and Boon are back with All of Us Laughing, a new album due out March 29th via Glass Orchard Records. While the band has relocated to Philadelphia since their last release, they returned to Brooklyn to make one of the last records ever recorded at Gravesend Recordings in the dearly missed Silent Barn, recorded by Jesse Paller (June Gloom, Human People, Tall Friend).

Boon’s art-pop sound is in fine form on the kaleidoscopic “Jasmine Seeds,” a deeply layered effort that plays with repetition and looped vocals just beneath the song’s concurrent verses. It’s psychedelic pop with a lot to take in, but an easy atmosphere in which to do so, the effect nearly sounding like two songs played together in unison, Zaireeka style. Boon’s duel vocal lines intertwine at key moments and split back apart at others, creating a lush textural song that feels something like a dream inside a dream. Speaking about the track, Boon’s Brendan Principato shared:

“‘Jasmine Seeds’ came together sort of by accident. Drew wrote the chords and was messing around with them and I hummed a few different melodies over the top just for fun while we were sitting around one afternoon. Drew had also written a melody that I had never heard and when we sang them together they floated around one another really nicely. From there, we just started piecing the different melodies together and then made them converge at certain points. We weren't concerned with the form or overall structure and just wanted the vocal lines to sort of revolve around one another. It was a really organic writing process.”