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Mamalarky - "Hero" | Post-Trash Premiere

Hero Single Cover.JPG

by Nathan Springer (@drownloading)

Mamalarky know how to jam. Regardless of the (unnecessary) baggage that that word may carry, once you hear this quartet play a show at a bar or house spot, it is undeniable that these musicians have spent a lot of time playing together. That time spent jamming has resulted in a band that exudes confidence in their music and in each other. We are excited to premiere their sunshine-y single, “Hero”, below.

“Hero” gets straight to the point with a head-bobbing psych-rock groove before melting into an incredibly catchy chorus replete with harmonized “oooh-ooohs”. Songwriter and guitarist Livvy Bennet’s vocal hooks are delivered with a misty-eyed ease that lulls you into a trance, and keyboardist Michael Hunter’s synth lines enhance that hypnotism. Noor Khan (bass) and Dylan Hill (drums) ground the track and keep it (barely) from floating away in a psychedelic haze. “Hero” goes in a lot of direction without seeming directionless; it is pop-psych at it’s finest.