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Wander - "Eveleth" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Torrey Proto

Oakland-based quartet Wander makes the kind of life-affirming, monolithic instrumental music that speaks volumes without the addition of vocals or lyrics. Where many bands that employ this style simply sound as if something is missing, Wander prove to be an exception on their latest single “Eveleth” from their upcoming album March. Where words fail, soaring guitars courtesy of Christian Francisco and Bernard Barcela carry the emotional weight of the sprawling nine-minute closing affair into the stratosphere. While the song’s structure and length might seem too overwhelming for casual listening, drummer and composer Ryan David Francisco’s arrangements move gracefully from one clearly-defined section to another without getting bogged down in overwrought technicality that so often plagues the genre. Instead, Wander opt for a refreshingly uplifting and clear-eyed approach, and are all the better for it. 

Wander’s March is out March 1st via Headless Queen Records.