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This Is Lorelei - "We Are Taking You Home" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn’s Nate Amos is one of those musical polymaths who is seemingly good at everything he tries. As a member of Water From Your Eyes, Thanks For Coming, Kolb, Anthony Freemont’s Garden Solutions, and beyond, his efforts have stretched across genres and temperaments with incredible results all along the way. This Is Lorelei is the best example of this, Amos’ long-running solo project where just about anything goes and everything can be explored (just take a stroll through their Bandcamp page). Keeping with his ever prolific streak, Sooper Records are set to release The Mall, The Country and The Dirt, The Dancing, two new full length albums due out on March 22nd as both individual records and a limited edition double CD set. The compositions that make up these records are every bit as cinematic and brilliant as they are experimental and deconstructed, it’s a wild journey through sound and production that’s both refined and boisterous.

“We Are Taking You Home,” the second single from The Mall, The Country, is a tender and reflective companion to the record’s first single, “Score Heal Score.” Where the latter was discordant and tangled in its own looped progression, “We Are Taking You Home” is a more serene and tranquil meditation. It’s a thick blanket on a below zero day, every note of the sparse arrangement situated for maximum impact, harmonic plucks bursting and fading in a gorgeously repetitive succession. Amos’ lyrics are stunning in return, opening with an accepting, “I’m off of the tracks, out of the gate” to the casually hopeful, “there’s no one thing alone, nothing in the light, we’ll figure them out, just not tonight,” his couplets feel worn in but relatable. When the careening digital feedback comes in for the melodic refrain, the layer’s brief but abrasive juxtaposition, only works to tighten an already beautiful piece of work.

This Is Lorelei’s The Mall, The Country and The Dirt, The Dancing are out March 22nd via Sooper Records.