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Bruiser & Bicycle - "Casper" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There are bright pockets of indie and DIY culture happening all over the country, and for every major city that we all know and love, there’s a smaller town, removed from the limelight with their own scenes to discover. One oft-overlooked city is Albany, and while it may not be the first part of New York that pops into mind, Bee Side Cassettes and Five Kill Records are doing their part to bring their local scene to a wider audience. Their new release comes from Bruiser & Bicycle, a duo creating their own gentle mix of indie rock and jangly folk music. Set to release Woods Come Find Me on February 22nd, we’re excited to share “Casper,” the album’s second single.

Bruiser & Bicycle’s soulful and shimmering indie folk instantly reminds me of Old Canes, an old favorite, with their own unique careening noise pop washing into otherwise acoustic balladry. It’s enveloping in its beauty but it also feels intimate in structure. The band, Nick Whittemore and Keegan Graziane, both sing and play guitar, each adapting warbling melodies in new directions, starting with something sweet and sincere and letting in run wherever it may go. The acoustic is swallowed by a dissonant wash of flickering feedback and manipulated tape sounds and the melody dances nimbly between verse and chorus, each texture adding to the song’s majestic tone.