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Business of Dreams - "La La La La" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Dreamy, jangly, fuzzy, and drifting with a head in the clouds, Business of Dreams is an apt name for Corey Cunningham’s (Terry Malts, Mike Krol) solo project. Set to release Ripe For Anarchy on Friday, February 1st via Slumberland Records, the album is described as being about “living in the moment, shedding neurosis, and the desire to discard the general societal malaise we’ve been roped into." An uplifting idealism is given an uplifting sound, the slick pop floating with smoothed edges and hazy charm thats awash in gentle shoegaze.

Following the first two singles, “N.R.E.A.M.” (aka “Negativity Rules Everything Around Me”) and “Keep The Blues Away,” comes “La La La La” a song with a blatant care-free attitude, one that is at ease in its own mental space. It’s a song that comes after the broken pieces, the act of picking back up and putting things back into place, while restlessly watching the minutes, hours, and days crawl by. There’s a retro shimmer in the serene melodies, a fully blanketed but delicate sound that simply permeates every bit of the soft pop atmosphere.