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Community College - "Karaoke" + "Novocaine" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

In case you didn’t know, Disposable America are one of Boston’s absolute best record labels. They’ve introduced the world to bands like Lilith, Infinity Girl, and Horse Jumper of Love, their catalog a reflection of Boston’s DIY scene over the past four years. Fans of Horse Jumper have reason to be excited with the band announcing this week that their long-awaited sophomore album is on the way, but before that, we are thrilled to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Community College, a brilliant lo-fi collective led by Horse Jumper’s own John Margaris. Joined by his brother, Dan Margaris (drums) and Dimitri Giannopoulos (bass, also of Horse Jumper), Community College occupies a similar space as their main act, offering warped to perfection pop songs with surreal yet relatable lyrics and earworm melodies tucked just under the fuzzy presence of the room. After nearly five years of sporadic activity, Community College will release their debut album Comco on March 8th.

We’re thrilled to share two new songs from the upcoming record, companion tracks “Karaoke” and “Novocaine,” a pair of slow burners that slip in the most colossal of melodic nuances when you’re least expecting it. “Karaoke” is barely a minute long, but the fragile nature and stop/start pacing works to it’s advantage, fleshing out distinct sections in short gasps of crescendoing drab pop swells. The song finds a joyous release in the end, with a triumphant, “makes me feel like I’m the greatest thing” vocal melody that swiftly shifts mentality, even if falsely so. “Novocaine” is almost twice as long, but still under the two minute mark. The drums rattle in loose stuttered rhythms as the guitars wander further down into the depths of depressive expression, each note ringing out in its own glacial pace, there’s a feeling of broken time, where everything stands still and nothing is quite right, but that’s maybe the beauty of it all.

Community College’s Comco is out March 8th via Disposable America. The album was recorded by Bradford Krieger at Big Nice Studios. Community College will be touring with label mates Alexander this March. See all the dates below.

Tour Dates:

March 1st - Philadelphia, PA
March 2nd - Harrisonburg, VA
March 3rd - Charlotte, NC
March 4th - Atlanta, GA
March 5th - Nashville, TN
March 6th - St. Louis, MO
March 7th - Chicago, IL
March 8th - Akron, OH
March 9th - Syracuse, NY
March 10th - Boston, MA