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Cathedral Bells - "Time Capsule" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Patrick Pilch (@pratprilch)

The good people at Good Eye Records have a knack for putting out a diverse sampling of the underground’s best kept secrets—and by good people I mean the multi-talented label-head Michael Mehalick. From the scrappy, emo-punk of Scarves to Lunch Ladies’ feverish jangle pop, Good Eye consistently deliver with each release, making the fledgeling Brooklyn-based label worth putting on your radar. Today, we’re excited to premiere Good Eye’s latest single from Cathedral Bells, the solo-turned-duo dream pop project of primary songwriter Matt Messore.

Arriving in the wake of “Cemetery Surf” and “A Passing Phase,” two twitchy, whirring pieces of dazzling shoegaze pop, Cathedral Bells keep up the hazy pace with “Time Capsule.” The track’s nostalgia-washed production lands somewhere between Day Wave’s detached effervescence and DIIV’s driving punk swell. Synths waver and wobble under delayed guitars and a dominant bass line, blending influence of 80s new-wave with a post-chillwave twist. It’s a wired piece of modern dream pop, fizzling with a wistful, yet upbeat charm. With three quality tracks now available, it’s clear Cathedral Bells’ self-titled debut EP is shaping up to be a succinct and consistent release.

Cathedral Bells is out 2/1 via Good Eye Records.